Smoking Cessation

How Does Laser Therapy for Smoking Cessation Work?

A low-level laser is used to stimulate specific points on the ears, face, and hands (laser acupuncture), which helps to alleviate the withdrawal and craving symptoms associated with quitting smoking by increasing the natural endorphins in the body. The endorphins will build up in the body over the first 24 to 48 hours and then level off and dissipate between 30 to 45 days after the initial treatment.

How Will I Feel After the Laster Therapy Treatment?

Most people feel quite relaxed after the treatment. Laser therapy also helps reduce anxiety and stress associated with quitting smoking. It may take a few hours for the effects to kick in, but within 24 hours after the initial treatment, most people should have very few cravings or none at all.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

You will be smoke-free after only one session, however, we find our clients remain smoke-free if they come in within the first week for a second treatment. Back n Motion offers up to three follow-up treatments for those who require them at no cost within the first six months following treatment. Our goal is to ensure your success.

“Laser therapy was definitely the easiest option for me. When you wake up the next morning you have no desire for a cigarette.”- Tracey, Back ‘n Motion smoking cessation client

Will Laser Therapy Work for Me/Are There Any Side-Effects?

The use of laser therapy is safe, painless, drug-free, and highly effective. After 30 years of use, there are no known side effects associated with laser therapy. The benefits of laser therapy are well documented and over 2500 research reports have been published worldwide. Also, studies have shown that up to 80% of people who have received laser therapy have responded positively to the treatments.

What About Weight Gain?

Often people replace the habit of smoking with the habit of eating, so it is important to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and drink lots of water. However, we do include appetite suppressant points which can help to minimize weight gain. We also offer you tips on how to offset the change in metabolism that occurs when becoming smoke-free.

What Is the Cost and How Many Sessions Are Included In That Cost?

The cost of $350+HST includes your initial treatment and up to three additional treatments if needed over the following six months. This cost is often less than the cost of smoking for one month making this not only an investment in a healthy future but a financial investment that pays you a 100% return every month!!!

Is This Cost Covered By Insurance?

Please do check with your provider.  This program is delivered by a certified Laser Therapist, which is not a recognized medical professional.

While we give our clients all the tools necessary to become smoke-free, we cannot guarantee results

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