Prevention is the Best Medicine

This is without a doubt your biggest call to action. By scheduling a regular visit with a physiotherapy clinic (even if it’s just semi-annually) you will take a gigantic step towards injury prevention. A physiotherapist will put you through a range of motions and ask the right lifestyle questions, ones that may identify latent problems and potential for future injury.

Almost everyone who walks through our clinic doors because of an injury, found themselves there because they were using their body the wrong way to perform an activity, be it for work, play, or both. The culprit is often inadequate form, inefficient warmup and cool down, or a compete absence of the latter all together. We’re not just talking about people who perform manual labor or participate in a weekly indoor hockey league. It applies to everyone from all walks of life, from the way an office worker sits at his or her desk, to how a mother can be carrying her baby when going for a walk.

Be proactive, not reactive, and schedule that first “regular” visit today.

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