If you’re continually struggling to seek the cause of your pain, why not make an appointment to see Mindy, our new Manual Osteopath Therapist? Mindy focuses on treatment to improve motion, circulation, nervous system function and lymphatics.


As a Manual Osteopath Therapist, all layers of tissues are addressed, including the fascia, neuromuscular, ligamentous, bony, and visceral. Treatment is applied to the body in various ways depending on what is needed, and treatment can be used for acute, subacute, and chronic conditions. Each person is unique, and their bodies have different patterns of compensation which helps to guide treatment. In essence, Osteopathy works to free up the body to enable its own inherent self-healing and self-regulating abilities.

Manual Osteopathic therapy can be valuable in reducing pain, improving range of motion and symmetry, addressing issues with arterial supply, venous drainage, lymphatic flow, nerve function, and can help to improve the overall vitality and constitution of a patient.

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Mindy completed her studies at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy in March, 2024. Her studies included principle based Classical Osteopathy, with a focus on anatomy, physiology, and collective mechanics. In this context, the body is assessed and treated holistically, acknowledging the connection between structure and function.

                                                           Q & A

Please wear clothing that you can be moved around in, like workout clothes, yoga pants, jogging pants, t-shirts. It’s best not to wear jeans, dress pants or any tight clothing that might restrict your motion. Also dresses are ok as long as shorts are worn underneath. Please don’t forget to bring or wear socks with you, no bare feet.

It depends!  It may vary in length and treatment is based on what is needed by the body. Sometimes a person is unable to handle more than 10 minutes of treatment and others are able to handle more. We are looking for a sweet spot between enough treatment that gets you moving and feeling better and not too much either.

It’s best to allow the body to do its thing and start the self-healing process. Going to a workout right after may not be the best choice since at times the body may be destabilized while it’s making changes. If you want to workout that day try to fit it in before your treatment.

The best thing you can do the day of your treatment is a short walk. It is best to walk without a purse or bag and a dog so that you can swing your arms. You can also have a hot EPSOM salt bath or shower, get a good night sleep and drink plenty of water.

It’s not uncommon for the body to go through a response to the treatment. The first 36 hours after the treatment is when you might experiences some mild/moderate discomfort while the body adapts. You may also feel tired or energetic it all depends on your body. After the 36 hours post treatment things should settle down.

Yes in some cases it is covered. Please check with your insurance to be sure.

It depends on your body and what you have going on. In most cases once a week is sufficient and other times treatments can be more spread out. Often coming more consistently for the first 5 weeks and then adjusting after that period can be beneficial however, this will depend on how your body reacts.

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