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Neck Stiffness

Massage therapy is one of the safest, alternative medicine approaches to alleviate the pain of a stiff neck. It can loosen up tight neck muscles and improve range of motion. There are numerous types of massage with variations in techniques, pressure applied by the hands, and strokes. In cases of a stiff neck, the message

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If you need some relief, but don’t want to pop a pill, why not reach for our Fisiocrem? This cream contains natural herbal active ingredients including Arnica Montana. Arnica is traditionally used in herbal medicine to help relieve pain and inflammation in muscles and joints.

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Back pain and knee pain are commonly related to issues that begin with the feet, and these problems can be corrected with orthotics. Many people believe that orthotics are the same as insoles bought at the store. This is not the case as custom orthotics are custom- made for your feet. This means they will

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Dry Needling

Dry Needling A treatment method frequently used by physiotherapists for tendonitis is dry needling. The practitioner carefully inserts a hair-thin needle into the muscle, and then removes it; this produces a stimulative effect inside the muscle which is similar to acupuncture. However, it differs as the needles are not left in your skin. The muscle

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Stand Tall!

Did you know that the sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body, but can literally become a pain in the butt if it starts misbehaving. If you are suffering with sciatic pain, don’t suffer in silence, book to see one of our chiropractors today!

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Did you know that sports-related concussion are the most common cause of head injury in adolescents and young adults? Traditional treatment for concussion includes physical and cognitive rest. Unfortunately, individuals prescribed with rest can demonstrate withdrawal from life activities, deconditioning, and mental health issues. Research is emerging that shows the benefit of exercise and early physical

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Why Compression Stockings?

The pressure these stockings put on your legs helps your blood vessels work better. The arteries that take oxygen-rich blood to your muscles can relax, so blood flows freely. The veins get a boost pushing blood back to your heart. Compression stockings can keep your legs from getting tired and achy. Perfect for people who

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