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To Deb Shaver, Heather and everyone at BacknMotion...

I personally want to thank you very much... It's so nice to have a spouse who does not reek of tobacco, who does not keep me up in the evening with her constant hacking who does not go outside in the dead of winter in her PJ'S to have her tobacco fix. Both Ruth and I can't believe how easy and painless this procedure was! After 50 years of smoking this is the best gift you gave to me and Ruth...

Both Ruth and I, would highly recommend this procedure to anyone who is serious interested in stopping smoking.

Thanks again
Ruth  &  Allan

We can’t thank you enough for all your help and going the extra mile to ensure we received the best care. Your assistance was truly appreciated!

Brad B. and family

Hello my name is DeAnthony Bowden Sr. I would like to take this time to inform you about my experience with the Back ‘N Motion. As you know I am a member of the London Lighting basketball organization, and unfortunately I’ve experienced a few injuries here early in the season. Back in Motion was excellent with helping me with quick recovery allowing me to continue to play the game of Basketball.

Thank you Back N Motion.

DeAnthony Bowden #0

I want to first thank Caitlyn and Natalie for their time and effort. They went beyond the call of duty. They were there twice a day to help me get back on the court. Second I want to thank the Back in Motion staff for their kindliness and encouraging words throughout my injury. Without question they were the very reason why I am on the court and playing pain free.

Thank you guys very much.

Back in Motion #1

Brandon Dean #11

Thanks to the people at Back N Motion for all your help with getting me back on the court. You guys have been a BIG help to me and my teammates so far this season.

Shawn Daniels #45

Laser therapy was definitely the easiest option for me. When you wake up the next morning you have no desire for a cigarette.

Tracey, Back ‘n Motion smoking cessation client, 2011

[Laser] was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I have gone from having some level of pain every day of my life for the past twelve years to having very little pain and often no pain at all. The treatment far surpassed any expectations I had. If I had tried Laser Therapy sooner I could have saved myself years of pain.

Alexis M.

I am a strong advocate of the benefits of receiving Laser Therapy for pain management.

Having bi-lateral repetitive strain injuries can be challenging on the best of days, but on those really bad days, when I can barely use my arms due to the pain, I am comforted by knowing I can get back on track quickly, simply by dropping into Back ‘n Motion for a laser treatment or two.

The procedure itself is safe, painless and non-invasive. It’s a viable option when dealing with long-term chronic pain. It has allowed for me to have higher functioning days, with better use of my arms, and over-all less pain.

Shauna M.

In early February 2006 (more than four years after the initial injury and living in pain most of the time), I chose to try one laser treatment. The week before the visit, my pain was so severe I fell to my knees in anguish. Also I’m so tired of depending on pills to make it through the day. Before the treatment I was 8 out of 10 and afterwards it went down to a three! In addition I didn’t require pain medication for four days and nights following treatment.

Barry P

I had a nasty fall from a ladder in which I suffered three broken ribs, a bruised lung and trauma to my left leg requiring 18 stitches. I was on prescription narcotic pain medication. After 3 treatments with LILT the pain was much more manageable, I stopped taking the meds and I had significantly improved my range of motion. After week three I was able to go skating for over an hour, able to walk long distances and do most basic activates with minor discomfort. At week four I consider myself 80% healed, I highly recommend your services to anyone requiring treatment for chronic or trauma induced pain. Finally, I want to commend your efficient and pleasant staff. They have provided great services in a friendly and professional manner.

Kevin J. F.

In May of this year I suffered a workplace injury to my lower back. I committed to 10 Laser Therapy sessions. In between the fourth and fifth session I felt there was noticeable improvement. After the tenth session I had returned to playing full rounds of golf. I was able to return to work to full active duty approximately three weeks ahead of a normal physiotherapy treatment schedule. I have no reservations about recommending your facility and your Meditech Bioflex Laser Therapy Treatment. Thank you.

Robert J.C.

Dear Deb,

I cannot say enough about my new Lenson Infrared Sauna purchased through you at Back”n”Motion. I absolutely love it!!! Better yet, I love what it is doing to restore my health! Let me backtrack to explain….in 2001 I suffered a severe repetitive strain injury as a result of working repetitively on random non-ergonomic computer workstations in a call center. I was diagnosed with bi-lateral repetitive strain arm injuries and chronic myofascial pain affecting my entire upper limbs as well as shoulders, chest, back, neck and head. Soon after the initial injury my health plummeted with incapacitating migraines and nausea that kept me in bed for days on end. Since then, I have not been well enough to work, or make any kind of solid plan/appointment etc….having to take it day by day, depending on what my health brings me each day.

Fast-track to today…..this day marks three weeks since I have purchased and used the sauna(daily) and it has been a full 3 weeks without a migraine (unheard of for me….this is a RECORD since the initial injury in 2001). The norm for me is to only go a few days without a migraine. I cannot tell you in words how excited I am to report this! It may not sound like a major feat to most folks, but I have to tell you….my “little word” of chronic pain and migraines has just been blown open to a world of possibilities with higher functioning and energy levels and overall lowered pain levels. Each day that passes without a debilitating migraine is cause for celebration and it gets marked on the calendar….3 weeks and holding today…hoorah! I shall keep you posted!

Much thanks to Deb and staff @ Back”n”Motion, and to the people @ lenson sauna, who delivered and assembled my sauna and who were quick to answer all my questions concerning the use of the sauna.

Cheers! From an eternally grateful customer!

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